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Support of Partners

Rendering assistance at all stages of a store opening:

  • Assistance in selection of premises for the store
  • Calculation of the required investment and the project payback
  • Development of a shop sketch design, which includes space planning, zoning of collections, interior and showcase decoration, shop-sign sketch, recommendations on carrying out repair work
  • Assistance in ordering of commercial equipment with partial compensation of the costs for manufacture thereof
  • Provision of a full set of materials for the in-store design - design layouts for manufacture of image-building posters, hangers, catalogs
  • Assistance in formation of an initial order
  • Guidelines for the arrangement of the products in the salesroom, and displaying the products
  • Training of sales personnel, provision of marketing information about the product, the specifics of lingerie sales, work standards
  • Guidelines for the advertising action to support the store opening, and partial compensation of its implementation costs.