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The Milavitsa product portfolio includes bras, knickers, shapewear, knitwear and swimwear.
The Milavitsa collection is divided into three categories: classic, fashion and swimwear. The basis of the classic collection is formed by a large variety of everyday styles, combining the basics of classical design, comfortable construction and functional materials. Milavitsa is an expert in creating the styles of large sizes (up to 120F). Fashion  and swimwear collections are created for every season, following the fashion trends in design, materials and accessories.
Bras, knickers, shapewear are also manufactured under the Aveline trademark. This is comfortable everyday lingerie at affordable prices. The Aveline products are developed and manufactured by Milavitsa, which is a guarantee of high quality and compliance with the company’s standards.
Alisee is a French lingerie brand acquired by Milavitsa. Alisee collection is designed and styled by European professionals. Tailored by Milavitsa to fit local market specifics.
The Hidalgo is men's underwear combines classic shapes and comfortable natural materials.